1. 2021 Property Taxes are due by December 20, 2021

    2021 property taxes are due Monday, December 20th, 2021. Property tax payers are encouraged to make their payments online, by mail, or use the drop box located at the front doors of the Blaine County Annex building. Read on...
  2. Information on the Lateral 75 Ranch TDR Subdivision

    Following a recommendation for approval by the Blaine County Planning & Zoning Commission, the Board of Commissioners has held two hearings on the proposed Lateral 75 Ranch TDR subdivision. Read on...
  3. Blaine County COVID-19 Resources

  1. Important Phone Numbers
Important Non Emergency Phone Numbers
All Emergency Calls Dial 9-1-1  
Bellevue Fire  208.788.9277
Bellevue Marshal 208.788.3692
Blaine County Disaster Services 208.788.5508
Blaine County Sheriff 208.788.5555
Carey Fire 208.823.4333
Hailey Fire 208.788.3692
Hailey Police 208.788.3531
Ketchum Fire 208.726.7805
Ketchum Police 208.726.7819
Smiley Creek Fire 208.774.3725
Sun Valley Fire 208.622.8234
Sun Valley Police 208.622.5345
West Magic Fire 208.487.2288
Wood River Fire 208.788.5577