County Commissioner Hearing Application Materials

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The current Commissioners are:

Jacob Greenberg - Chair
 Angenie McCleary
Dick Fosbury

January 15, 2019 Agenda 

January 22, 2019

1:30 p.m. Engh Lot 1 Block 1 Henslee Ranch Plat Amendment Materials

  1. Staff Report January 22, 2019.pdf
  2. A-1 Completed application form.pdf
  3. A-2 Vicinity Map.pdf
  4. A-3 Lot 1A Henslee Ranch Sub with AERIAL (2 pages) , revised, recd Nov. 15, 2018.pdf
  5. A-4 Lot 1A Henslee Ranch Sub (3 pages), revised, rec d Nov. 15, 2018.pdf
  6. A-5 Sawtooth Environmental Consulting, Building Envelope Evaluation, rec d Nov. 15, 2018.pdf
  7. A-6 Sawtooth Environmental Consulting, Wetland Evaluation, East Access Driveway, rec d Nov. 15, 2018.pdf
  8. A-7 Sawtooth Environmental Consulting, Wetland Evaluation, Pole Creek, rec d Nov. 15, 2018.pdf
  9. B-1 US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), regarding East Access Driveway, dated July 2, 2014.pdf
  10. B-2 Unites States Forest Service (USFS) Sharon Barnes, comments regarding riparian easement from NOAA, dated May 30, 2018.pdf
  11. B-3 USFS (Sharon Barnes), dated August 20, 2018 (New comments on the Nov. 15th revised application submittals have not been received due to the c
  12. B-4 USFS, Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) letter and Plat Amendment Criteria- Comments and Recommendations with attached Exhibits refere
  13. Exhibit A. Scenic Easement, Blaine County Instrument 211735, recorded February 3, 1981.
  14. Exhibit B. Riparian Easement, Blaine County Instrument #298434, recorded September 21, 1988..pdf
  15. Exhibit C. Status of structures on Lot 1 from 2000 through 2015..pdf
  16. Exhibit D. Correspondence from Blaine County, December 5, 2012..pdf
  17. Exhibit E. Correspondence from Area Ranger, April 3, 2014..pdf
  18. Exhibit F. Correspondence from Area Ranger, November 21, 2005..pdf
  19. Exhibit G. Correspondence from Area Ranger, November 8, 2007..pdf
  20. Exhibit H. Correspondence from Area Ranger, September 21, 2000..pdf
  21. Exhibit I. Correspondence from Blaine County Planning & Zoning, October 5, 2000..pdf
  22. Exhibit J. Henslee Ranch Subdivision Deed Restriction, Blaine County Instrument #446437, recorded December 29, 2000..pdf
  23. Exhibit K. Reservation of Easement for Maintenance Road and Irrigation Canal, Blaine County Instrument #446438, recorded December 29, 2000..pdf
  24. Exhibit L. Recommended Development Plan, Area Ranger, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, March, 2015..pdf
  25. B-5 Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG), dated May 30, 2000.pdf
  26. B-6 IDFG, dated November 30, 2007.pdf
  27. B-7 Blaine County Building OfficialFire Marshall (Jeff Giese), dated January 15, 2019.pdf
  28. B-8 South Central Public Health District (SCPHD) Matt Wildhagen, dated October 3, 2018.pdf

January 29, 2019

1:30 p.m. Glendale Rd - Morada Farms SUB Phase 2 Final Plat Materials

January 8, 2019

Continued to January 8, 2018

Continued to January 8, 2019

3:15 p.m. Title 9 Chapter 17 Floodplain Revisions Text Amendment Materials

  1. Staff Report - Floodplain Ch Revisions- BCC Jan 2 2019.pdf
  2. Ordinance Draft for 1-8-19.pdf
  3. Exhibit A Chapter 17 - Redline from Jan. 2 for Jan. 8.pdf
  4. Revised Staff Report - Floodplain Chapter Revisions- BCC Dec 11.pdf
  5. A-1 Current Ch. 17 - Floodplain Overlay and Riparian Setback District Use Regulations.pdf
  6. A-2 Chapter 17 - Redlined UPDATED VERSION for Jan 2.pdf
  7. A-3 Chapter 17 - All Redlines Accepted for Jan 2.pdf
  8. A-4 Ordinance Draft.pdf
  9. B-1 Scott Van Hoff (FEMA), received Oct. 30, 2018.pdf
  10. B-2 Jeff Loomis, County Engineer, received Oct. 30, 2018.pdf
  11. B-3 IDFG Comments re benefits of riparian vegetation - Oct 3, 2007.pdf
  12. B-4 ID Fish and Game Received 12.3.18.pdf
  13. B-5 S. Sarpong. FP Mgmnt specialist at FEMA 12.4.2018.pdf
  14. B-6 County Engineer-Jeff Loomis Comments 12.10.18.pdf
  15. C-1 PZ Commission Findings and Recommendation.pdf
  16. C-2 Chapter 27 - Non-conforming Uses and Structures.pdf
  17. C-3 Non-conforming Structure Expansion Diagram.pdf
  18. D-1 Nick Purdy, received Oct 11, 2018.pdf
  19. D-2 Charles G Brockway of Brockway Engineering, received Oct 11, 2018.pdf
  20. D-3 Carl Hjelm of Alpine Tree Service, received Oct 23, 2018.pdf
  21. D-4 Charles G Brockway of Brockway Engineering, received Nov 1, 2018.pdf
  22. D-5 Robert Crosby received Nov 1, 2018.pdf
  23. D-6 Trout Unlimited (Keri York) received Nov 1, 2018.pdf
  24. D-7 Idaho Conservation League (Joshua Johnson) received Nov 1, 2018.pdf
  25. D-8 Jim Laski, received Nov. 1, 2018.pdf
  26. D-9 Silver Creek Alliance (Greg Loomis) received Nov 19, 2019.pdf
  27. D-10 Ken and Ginna Lagergren 11.26.18.pdf
  28. D-11 Peter Krause 11.26.18.pdf
  29. D-12 Robert Crosby 11.26.18.pdf
  30. D-13 Steve Rose 11.26.18.pdf
  31. D-14 Ed Lawson 11.26.18.pdf
  32. D-15 Jill Eshman 11.26.18.pdf
  33. D-16 Tom Drougas 11.27.18.pdf
  34. D-17 John Anderson 11.27.18.pdf
  35. D-18 Jennifer and Cory Smith 11.27.18.pdf
  36. D-19 Laura and Reggie Crist 11.27.18.pdf
  37. D-20 Pam Reinschild 11.27.18.pdf
  38. D-21 Charles Brockway 11.27.18.pdf
  39. D-22 Pam Reinschild 11.27.18.pdf
  40. D-23 Stephanie Reed 11.27.18.pdf
  41. D-24 Katherine Schroder 11.27.18.pdf
  42. D-25 Deanna Melin 11.27.18.pdf
  43. D-26 Jeff Pfaeffle 11.27.18.pdf
  44. D-27 John Campbell and Steve Brown 11.27.18.pdf
  45. D-28 Devra Mary 11.27.18.pdf
  46. D-29 John Sofro 11.27.18.pdf
  47. D-30 Jay Emmer 11.27.18.pdf
  48. D-31 Andrea and David Reid 11.27.18.pdf
  49. D-32 Peter Thomas 11.28.18.pdf
  50. D-33 John Moran 11.28.18.pdf
  51. D-34 Michael Haxby 11.28.18.pdf
  52. D-35 Stuart Nibley 11.28.18.pdf
  53. D-36 Josh Schiller for Frank Willey 11.30.18.pdf
  54. D-37 Terry Creighton 11.30.18.pdf
  55. D-38 Roger & Kathy Sanger 12.2.18.pdf
  56. D-40 Gary Slette 12.3.18.pdf
  57. D-41 Larry Barnes 11.30.18.pdf
  58. D-42 Ted Stout 11.30.18.pdf
  59. D-43 Karin Lindholm 12.2.18.pdf
  60. D-44 Ryan Santo, Project Coordinator 12.2.18.pdf
  61. D-45 Rachel Schochet 12.2.18.pdf
  62. D-46 Robert Crosby 12.3.18.pdf
  63. D-47 Larry Barnes 11.30.18.pdf
  64. D-48 Ed Lawson 12.3.18.pdf
  65. D-49 Charles Meyer 12.3.18.pdf
  66. D-50 Jay Emmer 12.4.18.pdf
  67. D-51 Henry Vigil 12.4.18.pdf
  68. D-52 Will Miller 12.4.18.pdf
  69. D-53 Mark de Reus 12.4.18.pdf
  70. D-54 James Speck 12.3.18.pdf
  71. D-55 Martha Bibb 12.4.18.pdf
  72. D-56 Richard Robbins 12.4.18.pdf
  73. D-57 Steve Rose 12.4.18.pdf
  74. D-58 WRLT R. Santo, K. York, A. Richard 12.4.18.pdf
  75. D-59 Bobby Noyes.pdf
  76. D-60 John and Elaine French.pdf
  77. D-61 Will Miller 12.10.18.pdf
  78. D-62 E. Robertson for Stan and Alta Barer 12.10.18.pdf
  79. D-63 Ed Lawson for Friends of Floodplain recd 12.19.18.pdf
  80. D-64 Brockway Engineering recd 12.19.18.pdf
  81. D-65 James Speck 12.12.18.pdf
  82. D-66 Charles G Brockway 12.12.18.pdf
  83. D-67 James Speck 12.13.18.pdf
  84. D-68 Ed Lawson 12.11.18.pdf
  85. D-69 Ed Lawson 12.13.18.pdf
  86. D-70 James Speck 12.19.18.pdf
  87. D-71 Roger Sanger 12.28.18.pdf
  88. D-72 James Daverman 1.2.19.pdf
  89. D-73 Jay Cooper 1.3.19.pdf
  90. D-74 Joshua Schiller for Frank Willey 1.4.19.pdf
  91. D-75 Joshua Schiller for Frank Willey- PRR 1.4.19.pdf
  92. D-76 James Speck 1.4.19.pdf
  93. D-77 Robert Crosby 1.4.19.pdf
  94. D-78 Ed Lawson 1.7.19.pdf
  95. D-79 William Pierpoint 1.7.19.pdf
  96. D-80 Steven Giacona 1.7.19.pdf
  97. D-81 Robert Cook 1.7.19.pdf
  98. D-82 James Speck 1.7.19.pdf
  99. D-83 Bob and Sylvia Cook 1.7.19.pdf
  100. D-84 Lynn Booth 1.7.19.pdf
  101. D-85 John Partridge 1.7.19.pdf
  102. D-86 Josh Schiller 1.7.19.pdf
  103. BCC 120418 Text Amendment (audio of mtg)
  104. BCC 112718 Text Amendment (audio of mtg)

Plat Amendment to be considered on a date to be determined

December 11, 2018

11:45 a.m. Transfer of Development Rights Auction