Land, Water & Wildlife Program

In November 2008, the voters of Blaine County, Idaho, approved Proposition 1, the Land, Water and Wildlife Levy, establishing a two-year levy to protect natural resources and the quality of life valued by area residents. The ballot language for this levy included a requirement for a Levy Advisory Board (LAB) made up of local citizens to advise the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on conservation and proposals and proper investment of the levy proceeds.


The purpose of LAB is to recommend to the BCC the highest and best use of the funds to achieve optimal conservation value and public benefits as well as a standardized and transparent process for the consideration for eligible expenditures.

The Levy Advisory Board is committed to creating a model program and an effective, efficient process in order to achieve the results voters expect and to provide the maximum public benefit with the funds available. The process of analyzing projects and spending the levy funds will be open and transparent.

A map of completed projects can be seen by clicking here.