Emergency Alert Program

The Blaine County Community Alert System, (BCCAS), powered by CodeRED is part of Blaine County’s effort to continuously improve communications during emergency situations within Blaine County. Through the alert system, pre-recorded alert notifications are sent by the emergency communications center in a variety of communication methods such as:

  • Cellular
  • Email
  • Landline
  • SMS (Text Messaging)
  • Social network (Facebook and Twitter)

The system also provides an added enhancement of alerts sent through the CodeRED mobile App.

In the case of an emergency, you may choose to receive notifications via one or all of these communication methods. It’s recommended that you register several media options to receive messages in the event a particular communication device is unavailable.


If you need assistance registering online you may contact CodeRED by email emailing CodeRED or by calling Blaine County Emergency Communications at 208-788-5558.


The Blaine County Community Alert System will only be activated in emergency situations where there is a risk of significant harm, an urgent threat, or when a general alert is needed. When such a situation occurs, a brief message will be sent, updating or instructing residents to seek additional information from other sources.

This system is not intended to be the sole source for emergency notifications and should not be relied upon exclusively. We can make no guarantee that every person will receive an emergency notification in every situation or guarantee accuracy, completeness, or delivery since phone lines may be down, cell phones may be turned off, etc. Blaine County assumes no responsibility for incorrect information provided by participants, dropped calls, misrouted calls, or other occurrences which may result in notification failures.

How to be prepared for an emergency

  1. Personal Assessment - A personal assessment asks questions that help you learn what you may need during an emergency. 
  2. Emergency Plan - An emergency plan outlines the steps you will take to dela with an emergency.  
  3. Emergency Kits - One of the best things you can do to be ready for an emergency is to have an emergency kit. An emergency kit is more than a first aid kit.  Your emergency kit is unique to you. Your emergency kit should last up to two weeks. 
  4. Stay Informed - You need to know when an emergency has been declared. Being informed is just as important as your kit and plan. 

For more details visit Emergency Preparedness | State Independent Living Council (idaho.gov) 

For information on emergency preparedness for individuals with disabilities visit Individuals with Disabilities | Ready.gov