Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug testing and alcohol testing is a standard term of diversion and supervised probation.   It is often required because we recognize that use of illegal substances, including alcohol, is a risk factor for ongoing involvement in the juvenile justice system.   

The Blaine County Juvenile Probation Department makes every effort to use drug and alcohol testing as a tool to move children towards success.  Testing can be used as a tool for assessment and accountability.  We also use it as a way to monitor progress and reward abstinence from illegal substance use.  

Your probation officer may require that your child submit to a drug/alcohol test at any time.  They may also use the option of having a child participate in a random testing program.  The drug and alcohol testing agreement provides information about the process and a copy is available here

We also encourage parents to contact us if they have concerns about illegal substance abuse and want to request a test.  The Blaine County Juvenile Probation Department has access to community resources that can provide services to address substance use.