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AllWhat happens to our recyclable items?


Aluminum is one of the most efficient materials to recycle and earns more revenue than most other materials so generates income that can offset the recycling of other materials. If you have a choice between aluminum cans or plastic bottles—choose cans! Aluminum and tin are sold to United Metals and remade into aluminum and tin.

Learn more about United Metals Recycling here

Construction Waste

Approximately 6,000 tons of construction waste and debris goes into the landfill from Blaine County each year! The City of Hailey requires separate bins for cardboard and clean wood waste on site during construction, which will be verified by the program administrators during regularly scheduled inspections. The City of Ketchum requires separate recycling containers for cardboard, metal, plastic, and clean wood waste. The City of Bellevue recommends a construction waste management plan.

Corrugated Cardboard

Cardboard is sold to paper mills in Oregon, Washington, and China. Carboard is efficient to recycle and earns revenue. Please make sure to flatten all of your cardboard before depositing it in the collection bin. All carboard must also be dry and free from contaminants or it won't be able to be recycled. 


Glass is crushed and used locally as cover for the construction and demolition pit at Ohio Gulch Transfer Station. Glass is a challenge to recycle because it is heavy, unsafe to transfer and has minimal end markets to purchase it. There is an ongoing effort to research alternatives that truly recycle or reuse glass so continuing to deposit glass in the community collection bins is a good practice to maintain in case a new end market is identified.


Plastics #1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are accepted. (Note that caps need to be removed and black plastic cannot be recycled.) Plastic is transported to Utah to be recycled. Plastic is energy intensive to recycle so choosing other materials is better for the planet.

Plastic Bags and Film

Plastic film (newspaper sleeves, bread bags, product wrap, cereal liners, food storage bags, ice bags, pellet bags, produce bags, dry cleaning bags, grocery bags, packaging air pillows, etc.) are light to transport and are sent to Nevada to be recycled into Trex Decking.  

To learn more about Trex Decking visit


Paper goes to Hamilton Manufacturing in Twin Falls, Idaho to be recycled into insulation and hydromulch. (P.S. staples are ok!) Magazines, cardstock, and any paper product other than office/copy paper and newspaper cannot be used, so these need to go in the trash. For example, cardstock (e.g. cereal boxes) are a short fiber that is at the end of its life, and is not worth recycling.

Learn about Hamilton Manufacturing here

Yard Waste

Yard waste is collected by the City of Hailey and the City of Ketchum at designated weekends and locations in the spring and fall. Yard waste can also be dropped off at Ohio Gulch Transfer station where it is composted on site due to the program’s regulatory requirements.

K- 12 Education

Are you interested in having Blaine County present at your school? We would be happy to! We provide PowerPoints, recycling relays, and swag! If you are looking for an opportunity outside of the classroom the recycling center offers fun and dynamic tours of our facility.

Project Ideas

Below are some wonderful examples of student projects: