How do I bail someone out of the Detention Center?

To bail an arrested person out of the Detention Center, you must pay the amount of the bond plus an additional $10 per charge bond fee to the Blaine County Detention Center in cash. Credit cards and checks are not accepted. You may hire a licensed bond agent to post the bond for you. A listing of bond agents may be found in any local telephone directory. Note that in felony arrests a bond is usually not set until the arrested person appears before a judge.

If you post a cash bond, you may be eligible to receive some or your entire cash bond back after the case is finished and the necessary paperwork has been processed. Idaho law, I.C. 19-2923, allows the court to use the cash bond to pay any fines or costs that might have been imposed against the defendant. A Sheriff’s bond fee may be required. If you use a bond agent to post a surety bond, you will not get the surety bond agent’s fee or the Sheriff’s fee back.

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